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"I really love that feeling I get when I find a quiet place in nature and just be. I tap into my inner-child and let my imagination flow over the colors, shapes, and textures all around me - and I feel my spirit connect to it all. I take pictures, I sketch, and I make notes to capture these bits of inspiration. Then I take them to the canvas - arranged, rearranged, reimagined - and infuse them with the positive energy and vibes that nature has shared with me."


Jen Little was born in New Jersey (1972) where she received her Bachelor of Arts. She moved to South Florida in 2001 for a graphic design career until returning to her love for fine art in 2020.

Jen is a canvas artist and muralist working in acrylic, encaustic wax, and mixed media. She is prone to venture where creative inspiration and opportunity take her.

Most work is inspired by her deep connection to nature, then spiked with imagination and stylized with color harmonies that awaken the senses. Mesmerizing scenes of defined organic shapes, strong outlines, patterns and textures are fresh and full of life. All are executed with a clean and contemporary style that brings aesthetic joy.

Jennifer invites you to see with childlike wonder and be reminded that nature gives us a place to find peace, to be grounded and to recharge the soul.

Jen lives and works at her home in Hollywood with her husband and two children.

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